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Tree sculpting and wood carving. Chainsaw sculpting. Chainsaw Art. Garden sculptures.

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For a commission quotation, please contact me with your personal requirements for your sculpture.

I will be happy to work on most subjects.

If requested I can provide drawings from your idea first.

Accurate quotations will be provided based on the choice of wood, the size and the complexity of lines in the sculpture.

For highly competetive rates contact


Chainsaw Carving and Tree Art

Home to Steven Andrews, chainsaw artist, based in South East Kent, UK.

Carving since 2011 in many types of wood that have been reclaimed from trees felled for woodland management purposes.

This site has a selection of my previous sculptures that can be viewed here on the galleries page.

Please feel free to make contact if you would like to know more about the service that Tribalanimal offers.

Consider leaving those old tree stumps behind and the idea of having an original sculpture in its place. At highly affordable rates.

Please feel free to contact me via :))

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Oak Wizard carving film