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If you own a wooden sculpture that has developed cracks or splits that just plainly spoil the image for you, please do not panic.

It is very common for wood to split if the wood is not properly seasoned prior to being sculpted or if it is brought into a warm environment to soon.

This being said, it is not the only reason.

For example, I had carved a piece from Oak (a very hard wood) that had been seasoning for over 3 years. This is longer than is generally thought necessary. However, a month or two after the carving was finished the piece was moved to its new location. Here it was baked in the sun daily for a number of months. On return I was quite shocked at the level of cracking despite the warm position.

I am happy to say that the same piece is now restored back to the original condition and with just over a year now since it has not cracked again.

I also have a number of satisfied customers who have restored sculptures both indoors and outdoors.

Sometimes cracks and splits do not spoil the overall aesthetics of an item, however if they do it could seem like a lot of money wasted. Cracks and splits can never be predicted, however techniques are used to attempt to avoid future problems.

I use the best quality materials when attempting any restoration project. Close attention to detail is paid with particular attention focused on seamless sculpting with high quality finish and patenation.

Please call or e-mail for any information and details on TRIBALANIMAL restoration services.

Aftercare & Restoration

As wood is liable to crack under certain circumstances, I cannot guarantee the sculptures will not crack or split in places. However, attempts are  made to avoid this happening with the use of sealant products. Having made this disclaimer, please see above :)


Following a regular treatment plan and paying attention to the environmental conditions in which you keep your carving will help it to stay beautiful for many years

Decking oils deep penetrating formula feeds the wood and restores the natural oils lost through weathering. It leaves a natural looking finish and the carving nourished and protected.

Kepp carvings away from direct sunlight and if taking indoors store in a cool location.

Ensure good drainage if kept outdoors.