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September 2011, I made an impulse decision to buy a chainsaw and start sculpting with it.

I have always loved the characteristics of wood and have dreamed of having the patience to sit and enjoy the craft. I have reached a point in which I have gained some of the patience skills I need, to teach myself.

I hope that you will enjoy following my continuing learning and development and will support my work by purchasing anything you like:)

Other Stuff Chainsaw Carving Process

Using a chainsaw is dangerous and should not be used without proper instruction.

Carving with a chainsaw is absolutely brilliant if you like sculpting with wood. The modern chainsaws are very powerful but relatively easy to handle and give the sculptor the ability to remove wood quickly. I have started with a Stihl 181 saw but have adapted it by attaching a 14" Cannon carving bar.

The chainsaw can be used to perform many different tasks such as, cutting, boring (with a carving bar attachment), planing, chipping, smoothing and more.

I tend to use the chainsaw to quickly remove the majority of the wood but then begin using other cutters, grinders and hand tools to form the details.