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Mushroom Fairy 2012. Carved from Oak. Treated for outdoor use then wax coated to give a finish that would look fantastic both indoors and out.

Gigantic Oak Dragon

An absolute challenge from start to finish.

I wanted to make something big so I did!

Solid dried Oak. Seasoned for five years next to a saw mill. It was the crown of a 300 year old Oak. These sections often laid to waste as the grain here is no good for the saw mill. Good for us sculptors though:)

Oak wizard

Oak Wizard. Carved from one piece of Oak tree, this character quickly emerged to join my collection. A friendly old wizard with magical staff.

High quality finish and treated for both indoor or outdoor display.

Mushroom fairy
Mushrooms & Toadstools

Mushrooms and toadstools making great ornaments or functional furniture. With a choice of high quality finishes these will enhance the magic of any space. Competitively priced to order. Contact for more details.

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Ellington Park collection
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St Stephens School

Spiral designs

Green Man designs

Thornden Woods trail

Big snake in suburban play park

Handy plinth

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